Solasta: Crown of the Magister

Vel Explorer Campaign for Solasta: Crown of the Magister

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Published by VelSolasta (mod ID: 1466704)


The Vel Explorer Campaign is an exploration focused Solasta adventure carried by an epic, original story and interspersed with tactical combat.

This open world is for everyone, from casual players to hardcore*.

Installation instructions:

No mods, no DLC required. Updating your official Solasta client to the latest patch is required.

November 2021 player contest with prizes:

New in the Vel Explorer Campaign:

  • - Higher level maps for levels 10 - 12, for a total of 23 maps progressing from level 1 to 12
  • - 3 different endings to the campaign
  • - Prelude town: Greenbrooke Village
  • - NPCs with dialogue
  • - Merchants for gear and selling
  • - Late game fast travel portals, easily get to areas you missed after you finish the main story
  • - Unique named enemies/monsters
  • - Exits marked on the map; Exits now tell you where they go


  • Campaign: Vel Explorer Campaign
  • Difficulty: normal*
  • Feature: non-linear “open world” exploration
  • Loot: modest
  • Focus: exploration
  • Maps: 23
  • Playtime: 10 to 30 hours

* Some optional areas are very challenging and intended for experienced players. You’ll know them when you find them!

** Vel Explorer is a repack of Vel Wanderer with lots of new content and quality of life improvements. If you’ve already played Wanderer, you can continue your campaign with the separate release “Vel Wanderer L12 Continued,” or you can start anew with Vel Explorer for a better gameplay experience.




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SteelFox2 @steelfox2

Highly recommended. Played it end to end on Xbox. It works fine. There are a couple of spots where you can get stuck because you can sell a key object. Just buy it back. there are no shops to buy anything until the very (literally) last area, so dont bother selling stuff, pick what you want leave the rest behind. You can buy what you sell at the same price, so the merchants are your stash... if you remember who did you sell it to. It was a lot of fun, especially levels 2~9. Some combats a very well thought out and the first arena was pretty ingenious. kudos and thanks for the fun

i1FtWaRri0R @i1ftwarri0r

Any updates on when the fix for the navigate is coming?

Gamejunkie323 @gamejunkie323

lol I can't leave the first area, so this just doesn't work on xbox I guess?

Whooligan69 @whooligan69

Cant leave first area or enter your moms house.

Nfischer51751 @nfischer51751

There is apparently a known bug on xbox where there is nothing allowing you to select navigate. I don't know if devs have acknowledged, but there has been talk on the discord

ghostlyswat12 @ghostlyswat12

Is there a way to download mods on xbox

Leather_Rabbit @leather-rabbit

Just subscribe to the mod from the xbox, and then refresh your list under Dungeon Maker