Solasta: Crown of the Magister

[EN] - SolastaQuest - A tribute to HeroQuest for Solasta: Crown of the Magister

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Published by SirMadnessTV (mod ID: 1073930)


SOLASTAQUEST - Tribute to HeroQuest

Type : Dungeon Crawler
Difficulty : Normal
Playtime : ~50h
Starting Level Rec. : 1 (new party for the main campaign, up to your for side chapters)
Version : 3.2 12/08/2022
Status : Currently Available : Base Quests + Exp. Dark Company + Exp. Mage of the Mirror + 14 Community Quests

Campaign created by SirMadnessTV. This campaign is a tribute to the tabletop game HeroQuest; The march of Morcar. An old school Dungeon Crawler. This adaptation required some changes to fit with Solasta as for History, mapping, type of monsters... I tried my best to keep the mood, difficulty and objectives of the base game. Also added few scenarios to fit with the story rewritten and provide litte more flavour. I wish you'll enjoy and have fun ! :)
- The English translation : I used the mod CE2 to auto translate the mod and correct it afterward. If you find any mistake please report.
(Thanks to Zappastuff and CE2 mod for auto translation feature - Check on nexus :
CE2 mod contains new ascendencies / classes / sub classes / spells and tools for DM)



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Many Thanks to those who support ! I really appreciate it :)


Update 3.2 12/08/2022
- Addition of side chapter The chalice of the Lady
- Addition of a consul at Niln

Update 3.1 09/08/2022
- Typo fixes
- Softlock fixed in quest 8. Thanks Tbohlen!

Update 3.0 05/07/2022
- Addition of expansion Mage of the Mirror (10 quests for lvl 10+)
- Addition of Chapter Gurrag Dol (1 Quest for lvl 4+)
- Rework of all quests to use the Lost Valley features (diary variables etc.)
- Addition of custom monsters
- Renaming of every copyrighted names
- Ability to buy house in Niln (endgame)
- Many other updates (see Niln Archives, note n°5 at the Palace of Niln.)

Update 2.1.4 04/01/2022
- Addition of a custom list of Ingredients at merchant Daz'Kar
- Adjustement of value sell/buy
- Nerf of a fight in the 1st Quest "The Trial"
- Addition of the side quest "A Growl of Thunder" for lvl 4+ (well, you do what you want.) see at Agin's inn.

Update 2.1.3 20/12/2021
- Addition of the Chapter: Werewolve's Reign (1 side Quest for lvl 2+)
- Addition of the Chapter: The Necromancers (5 side Quests for lvl 3+ - including the quest for quinzen)
- Addition of 5 collectable books
- Addition of Arionnax Armors Shop (thank you very much for your support)
- Addition of Agin's Inn (you can go there and meet npc's now.)
- Addition of a Town Crier (He will tell a bit about the Chapters in "RP" to let you know about the things to do.)

Update 2.1
- Addition of the Chapter: Apocalypse (3 side Quests for lvl 3 to 7) around 2 more hours of playtime.
- Addition of the House of Bubsy (hub for the Apocalypse quests)
- Addition of 4 collectable books.
- Fix the exit of Mentor's house towards the city.
- Fix the scroll shop + add ammo and basic weapons in armory shop
- Fix the gold pieces during investigation of rooms.

Update 2.0 (Primal DLC)
- Rooms have been fulfilled with furnitures in the 15 firsts base Quests.
- Community Quest Added - Quest for Quinzen
- Quest 11 "Castle of Mysteries" have been 100% re-mapped to avoid loading between tp.
- City of Nuln (hub for official and community quests + merchants to sell/buy stuff) Still WIP
- Mentor house (official quests hub + rest and storage house for the party)
- Replaced the Diamonds by Golds in quests. (If you find diamonds now this is your lucky day.)
- Deleted Ident. scrolls from mentor's house. As we have merchants now, share your gold!
- Added Identifier NPC "Delastone" in the Nuln City - Thank you for the support mate!
- Added Merchants Zhyg'lo (scrolls) & Big Burglar (weapons & ammo) in Nuln - Thank you guys for the support!
- Added Jody McGregor's Broadsword (Item to Buy) Thank you for the Review in PcGamer mate!
- Added Merchant Daz'Kar (craft ressources) Thank you for the support!
- Added Thieves Tools + Magical Focus at mentor's house
- Added Possibility to "investigate room in search for treasure // Can summon the Roaming monster related to HQ boardgame official Rules.) Note that Some rooms can't be investigate though - it's voluntary (ex. quest item)
- Added Custom Monsters : Verag Gulthor Ulag Karlen Balur Grak Margov The Lord Sorcerer // hinsgrim (dark company) // Quinzen (cus. quest)
- Added SirRagnard NPC in cell of Quest 2
- Added Custom Items : Borin's Armor, Wand of Recall, Talisman of Lore, Iron of the Spirit, Orc's Bane, Western Star (note that the properties of objects have been made the most I ***** to fit with base game but it's still adaptation.)




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OcracokeNathan @ocracokenathan

Just got the rune. Where do i rest?

SirMadnessTV @sirmadnesstv

Hey there. you can rest at mentor's house on the left when you enter. Later in the "end-game" you also can buy a house in town.

Schug08 @schug08

In quest 8 The Trap there is a big box you cant get around

SirMadnessTV @sirmadnesstv

Hey there, the quest was fixed with the 3.1 version and after, thin kto use the "from disk" option when dlding the new version of the file. :)

Schug08 @schug08

I'm on xbox

SirMadnessTV @sirmadnesstv

Ok guys ! Patch 1.3.85 solved the exit bug. Apparently xbox players can travel in the custom dungeons so, hope you'll enjoy :)

SirMadnessTV @sirmadnesstv

Just quick comment for everyone on Xbox at this date (15 July 2022) : The multiple exit activator seems to be bugged on xbox. devs are aware of this bug and will work on it as soon as more top priority fixes will be made. Hope you'll still have a quick look on custom modules after that.

Crovax420 @crovax420

On console here. Navigation not working.

SirMadnessTV @sirmadnesstv

OK I talk with devs - They are aware of this bug but next patch will not have the fix. They are working on more top priority fixes right now but this one is definitly on the list. It's a matter of beeing patient now.

SirMadnessTV @sirmadnesstv

Hey Crovax420 I'll report this to devs but can' t help much more as I don't have xbox to test anything. As it's working on pc I thin kit's more of a xbox "bug" than anything. Keep an eye on next gamepatch and if you can tell me if the problem is still occuring after that it would be cool.

SubparLion456 @subparlion456

How did you download on console

SirMadnessTV @sirmadnesstv

Ok I found this answer from another xbox players that may help you :

From TiredPapaw TiredPapaw :
You must link your account through the Xbox game interface. Go to dungeon maker. Hit X. Then it will prompt for email. Then enter code and hit refresh. Anything subscribed to on this website will populate after verification of code and refresh.

CilantroLover @cilantrolover

Yes, if there is anything that could be done to help console players would be amazing. This looks like an awesome campaign, disappointed that I can’t access it yet.

SirMadnessTV @sirmadnesstv

Hey there, I'm sure TA is working on it. However do you have the same issue on other adventures or is this just this one ?

Crovax420 @crovax420

Same for me and a bunch of folks on reddit lol.

CilantroLover @cilantrolover

I’ve had the same issue on all created maps except for one. The only difference was that with the blue rectangle exits on the map that worked, there was no navigate menu. It would just ask me to leave. Those ones worked, all the ones with a navigate menu are broken.

SirMadnessTV @sirmadnesstv

Oh I see I'll report this with your comment to devs. Thanks for report.

Crovax420 @crovax420

What one is working?

SirMadnessTV @sirmadnesstv

You can try this one, I think there is not multiple exit activator in it. "The Amber Queen"

SirMadnessTV @sirmadnesstv

I'm checking with devs about this particular probleme right now. If the bug is coming from the "multiple exit activator" there won't be lot of module available for now but be sure that's it's reported and will be take care off asap.